One Image – Edited 4 Ways

Four club members edited the same image in 4 different software programs and showed us (some of) what each program is capable of. We all picked up something we can use going forward.

The presenters & software:

Luminar – Dick Clapp 

Lightroom – Kimball Kraus

Photoshop – Jeri Mearns

Topaz – Nima Marsh

If you’d like to try your hand at editing this image – download the original raw file below.

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January 2023

Monday 30: 10:00 am Workshop: Smorgasbord on Book Making @ The Sandcastle

February 2023

Monday 13: 10:00 am Workshop: Details when available @ Zoom
Monday 20: 10:00 am Photo Walk To Be Determined
Monday 27: 10:00 am Monthly Meeting: Michael deYoung @ Zoom

March 2023

Monday 6: 10:00 am Sharing Images on Social Media @ Bobcat room at Beachwalker Center