Visiting Pro Photographers

Pros who have visited the club

We have been lucky to have many accomplished professional photographers visit the Club – some for a lecture, others for 2 or 3 day events. The latter typically include a presentation, followed by a hands-on field workshop, and a critique of member shots at a special meeting the next day. These are understandably some of the most anticipated meetings of the year.


With Covid in the past couple of years, we were able to get many more Pros to “visit” via Zoom, with virtual shoots ( each of us working on our own and submitting images to the Pro ) followed by a critique on Zoom. These proved to be very successful, and we hope to continue this going forward, pending availability of Pros, who are now back to  traveling and running workshops.

Coming Up Next . . .

January 2023

Monday 30: 10:00 am Workshop: Smorgasbord on Book Making @ The Sandcastle

February 2023

Monday 13: 10:00 am Workshop: Details when available @ Zoom
Monday 20: 10:00 am Photo Walk To Be Determined
Monday 27: 10:00 am Monthly Meeting: Michael deYoung @ Zoom

March 2023

Monday 6: 10:00 am Sharing Images on Social Media @ Bobcat room at Beachwalker Center