Johns Island
A Moment in Time

In 2010, the Photography Club undertook an exciting Community Outreach project, honoring the history and people of Johns Island. Capturing the Island’s spirit just before incoming developers began making permanent changes. Hundreds of photographs were used to produce the video, Johns Island – A moment in Time. This twenty-minute narrative begins with the Island’s past, going back before the first English settlers arrived in around 1670. Copies of the video were donated to Johns Island residents, churches, schools, libraries, and Kiawah residents.  


A year later, the Photography Club published a popular coffee table book based on the video. Book sales were donated to various local charities on John Island plus copies of the video and book are in several Charleston Libraries.   The book is available for purchase HERE.


“In honor of the people of Johns Island”


Script by Shauneen Hutchinson

Narration by Jack Kotz

Slide Show Creation by John Sanders

Project Advisor Cindy Neal

Project Director Dave Elliott



Sylvia Bacon

Don Burgeson

Jim Chitwood

Pamela Cohen

Sue Corcoran

Eileen D’Agostino

Diane De Angelis

Dave Elliott

Ann Gridley

Lahnice Hollister

Shauneen Hutchinson

Jack Kotz

Jane Lurie

Cindy Neal

Cappi Post

Kathy Ramich

Paul Roberts

John Sanders

Tina Schell

Kimberly Wissel



 “Gimmie That Ole Time Religion”,  CSO Gospel Choir


“Ain’t You Got A Right To The Tree Of Life”, Recorded and Edited by Guy & Candie Carawan


“A Place Called St. Johns”, Layton Wayne Jordan & Elizabeth H. Stringfellow


“James Island & Johns Island Historical Survey”, Preservation Consultants for SC Department of Archives & History


“Johns Island, SC Images of America, Carol Walpole Haynie



Copyright: Kiawah Island Photo Club


Coming Up Next . . .

January 2023

Monday 30: 10:00 am Workshop: Smorgasbord on Book Making @ The Sandcastle

February 2023

Monday 13: 10:00 am Workshop: Details when available @ Zoom
Monday 20: 10:00 am Photo Walk To Be Determined
Monday 27: 10:00 am Monthly Meeting: Michael deYoung @ Zoom

March 2023

Monday 6: 10:00 am Sharing Images on Social Media @ Bobcat room at Beachwalker Center
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