Purpose & Organization


Our Purpose and Procedures

Club  Purpose and Organization


  1. Mission

The mission of the Club is to provide opportunities for members to learn about and enjoy the art and science of photography.  The Club provides a friendly and supportive environment for photographers of all ability levels whose interests include all types of photographic imagery.

  1. Membership

Any person who is a current or former Kiawah Island property owner or a long-term renter interested in the art of photography may be a member. 

A member in good standing has paid all dues in full and has one vote in Club elections.

The Executive Committee can vote to extend an honorary membership to persons who do not live on Kiawah Island but who contribute significantly to the program of the Club.

  1. Officers and Board

The officers shall be the President, Vice-President (President-elect), Secretary and Treasurer. These four officers and the immediate Past President constitute the Executive Committee. The officers shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee and will be voted on by the general membership.

  1. 4.  Election of Officers

Election of club officers shall be held annually in accordance with the provisions of this section.

  1. A.  The Nominating Committee Chair, who is the Vice-President (President-Elect) will appoint a committee.
  2. B.  Prior to the April meeting, a slate of nominees from the Nominating Committee will be emailed to the membership. Members will be asked to email any additional nominations to the Committee Chair prior to this meeting, who in turn will contact the individual(s) so nominated and add his or her name to the slate. This slate will be presented at the April meeting and nominations shall be closed at this point. 
  3. C.  Elections shall be conducted at the May meeting. 
  4. Every member in good standing is eligible to vote and shall have one vote.
  5. Amendment of  Club Purpose and Organization

The mission, membership criteria, officers and their election may be amended by a majority of those members voting by email prior to the meeting or those in attendance at a Regular Meeting.  Any such amendment may be initiated by the Executive Committee or by at least five members from the general membership who shall submit a written proposal describing such amendment to the Executive Committee.  The Board will provide 30 days prior notice to the membership of a Regular Meeting at which the proposed amendment will be voted.  Such changes become effective upon an affirmative vote.

  1. General

If and when the Club ceases to exist, after paying all debts the remaining money will be distributed to the membership on a prorated basis.

Club  Procedures

  1.  Club Year and Dues                                                         
  2.     The Club year shall be June 1st to May 31st .
  3.     Annual dues shall be in an amount established each year by the Board.
  1. The Board 

The Board is made up of the Executive Committee, all Operational Committee Chairs and other members appointed by the President to serve.  The Board shall be responsible for the general operation and guidance of the Club.  A simple majority of members present at any Board meeting shall constitute a quorum.


  1. Responsibility of Officers
  2.             President

The President shall:

              1)  Preside at meetings of the Club.

              2)   Make appointments as necessary to fill a vacancy in any elected office of the Club.  The appointment(s) shall be ratified by the Board at any meeting of the Board.

              3)     Act as an ex officio member of all standing committees except the Nominating Committee.

              4)   Appoint chairs for any committees.

  1.             Vice-President (President-Elect)

The Vice-President shall assist the President as necessary and officiate at all meetings in the absence of the President and serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.

  1.  Secretary

The Secretary shall record and maintain a written record of all meetings of the Board, and all other meetings at which a written record of the transactions may be deemed advisable.

  1. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

1)  Collect and deposit all moneys received and make payment of Club expenses.

 2)  Have authority to sign checks and shall promptly pay all bills and financial obligations of the Club as directed by the President or the Board.  In the Treasurer’s absence, the President shall assume this responsibility.

3)   Maintain up-to-date records of all moneys. A report showing the financial position of the Club shall be presented at each meeting of the Board or whenever requested by the President.

4)   Prepare a final financial report at the end of the fiscal year for review by the Audit Committee. 

5)   Prepare and distribute to the Board on a regular basis an updated membership roster as new and renewed memberships are received. 

  1.           Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President shall provide continuity between the current Executive Committee and the previous administration. 

  1. Committees
  2.           Operational Committees

 The Chair of all Operational Committees will serve on the Board. 

  1. Standing Committees

The Standing Committees are Nominating and Audit, but shall not be limited to these two.  The President appoints the chair of the Audit Committee and can appoint other members as needed.

 1)   Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee Chair shall be the Vice-President (President-Elect).  The Committee shall: 

  1. a) Have at least two additional members, one of whom is not on the Board.
  2. b) Nominate candidates for Vice President (President-Elect), Secretary and Treasurer.
  3. c)Ensure all nominees are members in good standing, meet the qualifications for the office for which they are being nominated and are willing to serve if elected.
  4.                            d) Submit the list of candidates nominated for office to the membership no later than the April meeting.  The list of candidates may be submitted to the membership via email.

                 2)   Audit

The Audit Committee shall:

  1. a) Perform an annual audit of the financial records maintained by the Treasurer.
  2.                      b) Submit a written report to the Board no later than two weeks prior to the May Meeting.
  3. Meetings

The Club will have Regular Meetings and Special Meetings as desired.
 A.  Regular Meetings Regular meetings shall be held at such times and in such places as decided by the Board. B.   Election of Officers Election of officers shall take place at the May Meeting.  C.  Special Meetings A Special Meeting may be called at any time by the President or by written request from at least three members of the Board. The purpose, time, place and date of any special meeting shall be communicated to all members in a timely manner.

  1. Amendment of Club Procedures 

Club Procedures are established to assist in furthering the Club’s Mission and to reflect the informal, friendly and flexible nature of the Club’s operations. The Procedures may be amended by a majority of Board.

  1. Appeals 

Any member of the Club who may find cause for dissatisfaction with its operation must appeal in writing with suggested changes to the President who in turn refers the appeal to the Board for consideration.  The Board’s decision in the matter is final.

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February 2023

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Monday 27: 10:00 am Monthly Meeting: Michael deYoung @ Zoom

March 2023

Monday 6: 10:00 am Sharing Images on Social Media @ Bobcat room at Beachwalker Center