Online Learning

1.   The website has dozens of multimedia learning tools for a wide range of computer based applications. you can see previews at the website.

2.   Luminous Landscape. Extensive site with reviews, tutorials, technical information, how-to's. 

3.  The British magazine Practical Photography has many short video tutorials on their website. Some very good examples follow:

     (a)   Using off-camera flash.

     (b)   Printing photos

     (c)   Cleaning the sensor in a DLSR

4.  PowerMax Web Photo School -- tutorials on basic use of digital camera, using a Canon Rebel, photo resolution and printing, white balance,, using a tripod, and so on.

5.   Cleaning a D-SLR Sensor

6.   The PERFECT PICTURE School of Photography (associated with Adorama). Offers a wide variety of online courses.

7.    NIKON HELP LINE  - This website has many short video explanations of use to  Nikon DSLR users. They review Nikon products and tutorials on equipment care, basic camera and flash use, and various "how-to" segments. 

8. Online learning.