HDR Photography

HDR stands for "high dynamic range" photography. It is a technique that allows the full range of light to be shown in one photo. It involves taking a series of photos at different exposures. The best technique is to take 5 at least exposures in Aperture Priority from two stops underexposed to two stops overexposed. The exposures are then combined in a computer program, of which several are available. The results can be stunning. See the photo below and some web sites. 

1.   Stuck in Customs HDR Photography

2.   Photomatix from HDRSoft -- This is the software used to create HDR photos. 

3.   Charleston photographer Steven Hyatt has done a series of photos of the churches of Charleston

4.   The HDR Image -- gallery, tutorials, and more


Kiawah Island marsh scene (HDR photo by J. Kotz)


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