2017-2018 Schedule


Please treat this as tentative. Watch for email announcements


25   Small Group Session. You have a card full of photo files. Now what?!? (Kotz and Hanan)


2   9-12   Workshop:  Topaz Labs Software. Kate Silvia

9   9-12   Workshop:  Lightroom Basics, Part 1 (Albus)

16   10-12  MONTHLY MEETING: Janet Garrity  Abstracts in Landscape Photography.

23   9-12   Small Group Session: topic to be announced, but probably Lightroom follow-up (Kotz)

30   9-12   Workshop:  The Art of Graffiti and Dancing. Ron Rocz


Library Exhibit of Member Photos -- all month

6    9-12   Workshop:  Lightroom and Photoshop — Developing/Editing, Part 2 (Kotz). 

13   10-12  MONTHLY MEETINGKeith and Tiffany Briley

20   9-12   Small Group Session: topic to be announced, but probably Lightroom follow-up.

27   No meeting or workshop


4   9:30-12   Workshop:  Mobile Phone Photography with Photo Shoot. (Alice Keeney) [Note the change in start time!]

11  9-12   Workshop:  Smorgasbord!

18   9-12  Small Group Session: Our annual "Photo gifts under $100” and party (Kotz and Pumphrey)


1   No meeting

8   9-12   Workshop:  Using Bridge with Camera Raw and Entry to Photoshop and Elements (Bacon)

15  10-12  MONTHLY MEETING: Liz Cryan “The Sardine Run, documenting the world famous Sardine Run and accompanying feeding frenzy."

22   9-12   Small Group Session: topic to be announced

27   9-5   Workshop:  Photoshop Layers (Kate Silvia, sign up required)

29   9-12  Workshop:  Creative close-ups/Macro Photography (Kenny McKeithan)


5   9-10   Workshop:  Advanced Techniques: Taking Your Photos to New Levels (Pam Cohen) (See Pam’s article in Outdoor Photographer magazine, “High Key, Low Key Wildlife”, page 58, November 2017)

12   9-12  Workshop: Travel Photography — Equipment and Capturing the Sense of Place and More! (Ann Gridley)

19   10-12  MONTHLY MEETING:Drew Doggett. "My Endless Search for the Extraordinary:  monochromatic work celebrates the world’s diversity while drawing attention to real-time, ever-unfolding issues. CANCELLED. A replacement event will be announced.

26   9-12  Small Group Session: topic to be announced (Kotz)


5   10-12    MONTHLY MEETING: Mark Buckler.  He will also have a photo shoot and critique on Tuesday. Sign-up required.

12  9-12     Workshop: More on editing (NIK, LR, Photoshop, using Bridge, other editing tools) (Kotz)

19   9-12    Basic Workshop:  Using Apple Photos—Basic Workshop (Hanan)

26   9-12   Workshop: Creating Slideshows (iMovie and Photo Magico) (Schell and Albus)


2   No meeting — Easter holiday

9  10-12 : MONTHLY MEETING: Ralph Lee Hopkins, National Geographic photographer. (See video)

16  9-12  Workshop: Videos - Editing and Sharing (Arnie Blum)

23   9-12   Small Group Session: topic to be announced

30   9-12    Workshop: Luminar, a pro photo editor for Mac (from macphun). (This could be a replacement for Nik.) (Kate Silvia) 


3   3-5 PM   Annual OUR WORLD Presentation (topic to be announced)

7   9-12    Workshop:  Making a photo book with Lightroom/Blurb, Shutterfly, Costco, other (Albus, Bacon, Kotz, Schell, Hutchinson)

14  10-12  ANNUAL MEETING Annual election of officers PLUS Show & Tell (Pumphrey)

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