Ron Rocz - Photographing Charleston

Photographing Charleston: A Collection of Perspectives

      Long-standing Charleston photographer Ron  Rocz (ROSS) will share his experiences in meeting the unique challenges and opportunities that come with photographing.  He will demonstrate how the selection of subject matter, time of day and year, location and vantage points, focal lengths, point of view, composition and design, and a feeling for cultural history contribute to quality photographic outcomes. He will give examples of how he gets around peculiar obstacles when photographing Charleston, in an effort to capture its essence. He will share tips on vantage points not commonly known or used. Towards the end of the presentation, he may share images from some of his other favorite collections.

       From a hobbyist to a professional over thirty years, Ron has specialized in travel, landscape, and historic and religious architectural photography. He is the author and photographer of “Seeing Charleston: a field guide to photographing a world-class city.”  Other books include “The Churches of Charleston and the Lowcountry” and “The Plantations of St. Bartholomew’s Parish.”  Eastern EuropeHungaryand Romanian Gypsies was his emphasis in the 1990’s, and more recently he has focused on the Mississippi Delta Blues. (For a full bio, see He is the co-founder of Charleston Kids with Cameras ( His first career was in professional community and administrative social work.


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Presentation of Ron Rocz photos

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